Calcaneal Spur

Foot spurs, treatments and insoles

A calcaneal spur is a calcification at the level of the heel bone which requires specific treatments.

It is the formation of a bone exostosis (bone growth on the bone surface) at the level of the insertion of the fascia in the calcaneus as a consequence of a local stress maintained over time. Excess weight or very exaggerated foot architecture can speed up the formation of this process. It presents intense pain when walking in the morning or after a rest period, which is alleviated after a few minutes. A spur is not painful, but the lesion which it causes in adjacent soft tissues is painful.

At Clínica San Román we initially propose a conservative treatment by means of applying our custom-made anti-inflammatory orthopedic insoles. This treatment has proved to have excellent results to reduce the inflammation and the pain of the area because the insoles redistribute body weight on the sole surface and so relax the musculo-tendonous tissues.

espolon calcaneo 2
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At the San Román Chiropody Clinic we initially propose a conservative treatment by applying our custom-made orthopaedic insoles and anti-inflammatories. This treatment has proven to have excellent results in reducing inflammation and pain in the area, because the insoles redistribute all the weight of the body on the plantar surface, thus relaxing the muscle-tendon structure of the foot.

When conservative treatment is not sufficient for the patient’s discomfort, at the San Román Chiropody Clinic we offer surgical treatment by means of outpatient surgery with minimal incision techniques. Through an incision of just a few millimetres, the spur is removed and the plantar fascia is relaxed, allowing our patients to walk immediately. In general, this procedure has a post-operative period of about 3 weeks.

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