Studies by imaging

27 de mayo de 2022

Fluoroscopy Study

Fluoroscopy is a medical imaging technique using X-rays that allows visualisation of lesions and osseous pathologies in the extremities. This system allows one to assess joints and osseous (bony) anatomy whilst obtaining dynamic data in real-time. This imaging technique is especially useful during intra- and post-operative surgical evaluation of patients.

State-of-the-art fluoroscopy features an X-ray image intensifier that projects low-level X-ray radiation and can capture images and videos for real-time visualisation. It’s worth underlying that these imaging techniques emit such low levels of radiation that it does not require any special type of sheltering protection.

At Clínica San Román we have two state-of-the-art fluoroscopes (XiScan) and a General Electric (GE) for high-quality digital radiography. Such a system allows us to obtain higher visualisation and precision when carrying out percutaneous surgical procedures or minimally invasive surgery.

fluoroscopio 1

Radiological Examination

A digital foot radiograph allows us to examine the osseous structure with precision and minimal radiation. Our General Electric’s Brivo system allows us to take accurate digital radiographs in multiple views (standard, special, weight-bearing). A digital image of the foot enables us to accurately assess the angles and dimensions of a deformity, and all our patients get issued a copy of the radiological images in DVD format. All our clinical equipment undergoes annual quality checks carried, supervised by GD Energy Services (Unidad Técnica de Protección Radiológica).

Doppler Ultrasound Examination

Examination via 4D colour Doppler ultrasound involves the use of the Doppler effect to observe and assess the rate and flow of blood through the vessels. This system allows us to examine the soft-tissue and circulation so that every surgery is carried out with greater security.

4D Doppler ultrasound also serves to gently guide our instruments with exact precision when carrying out treatment for neuromas, injections and cysts, among others.

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