Body temperature: Your feet, protected from the cold.

1 de March de 2021

The body temperature depends a lot on our feet, we have heard that a lot and, it is very possible that since you were a child your grandmothers have constantly repeated the expression: “warm up, the cold comes through your feet”. Beyond common expressions, what is true about it?

Does the cold come in through the feet?

Based on studies to date, it appears that once again, our elders were right. Thanks to the research carried out, we can affirm that this judgment has a logical and scientific basis.

Humans have several defense mechanisms against the harshness and dangers of the environment. One of them lies in the proven fact that they regulate their own body temperature or, in other words, thermoregulation.

There are two parts of our body where, anatomically, temperature is constantly regulated:

The head and thermoregulation

Under normal conditions heat tends to focus on the head. Normally it is a part that is uncovered, so the processes of heat absorption and release take place in this part of the body.

Therefore, when temperatures are low, it is advisable to keep our head warm by wearing hats or scarves that allow it to maintain a constant heat.

Feet and thermoregulation:

In the case of the feet, the physical mechanism underlying this process is the so-called contact energy transfer or conduction process.

Our feet are directly connected to the ground, so they are directly impregnated with the temperature of the ground. In the summer, we wear light shoes that favor heat loss. This is the opposite of what happens in cold weather, when our feet need to retain that heat for their proper health.

For this, it is necessary to use the correct footwear that allows us to accommodate our feet to the different temperatures that can be found depending on the time of the year in which we are.

The cold enters through the feet

How does this temperature transfer occur?

The temperature transfer processes that occur in the human organism are as follows.

Radiation Process:

In this type of process, heat absorption occurs without specific contact of a body. This would be the case of the heat provided by the sun. We do not have direct contact but radiation is emitted which is perceived in our body.

Convection Process:

In this process, heat transfer occurs through some type of medium such as air or certain fluids, which are always in motion. We could take as an example, the mechanism of a fan.

Driving Process:

In this case, thanks to the contact of two bodies, the temperature is automatically transferred. For example, when we bring our hands close to a radiator.

As you have been able to verify, the expression “the cold comes in through the feet” has a completely true basis and once again, our grandparents were telling the truth.

Therefore, in the coldest months of the year, we must monitor the health of our body and protect it against low temperatures to reduce the occurrence of possible problems in our body.


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