Vision and Principles

Your feet are our responsibility. Your health, our priority. Clínica San Román’s personalized treatments aim to solve foot ailments, help you prevent injuries and accompany you in your care.


With you, from the beginning
at the end of treatment


The best solution for you, without taking risks

At the forefront

In the United States and England, we
we train with the best.


Non-invasive solutions for which you always have the final say

Clínica San Román, based in Alicante, offers medical-surgical and podiatric services adapted to the needs of each patient.

Our medical-surgical and podiatric services are personalized. Under the guidance of Doctors San Roman, we study each case in a close and personalized way to obtain the best result without jeopardizing the health of your feet.

In more than 40 years in the profession, we have found that behind every ailment there is a person. Treating your case in a delicate manner, respecting the patient’s autonomy at all times, is our way of living our medical vocation.

Each surgical or medical treatment is unique. In order to achieve the best possible result, at Clínica San Román we are committed to continuous study and innovation in the search for effective and safe treatments.

We strive to constantly expand and upgrade our facilities and equipment in a sustainable manner to ensure we are at the forefront of medical technology worldwide.

Taking care of the health of your feet starts with preventing possible future ailments. If you want us to study your case, you can contact us through our contact form, just contact us. In the meantime, we recommend you explore these tips for daily foot care.