Discover Europe's Premier Podiatry Clinic: Foot Surgery Specialists Since 1979

Do you need help? For over 40 years, Clínica San Román has been dedicated to minimally invasive or percutaneous foot surgery and podiatry. Clínica San Román offers personalised, professional and accredited medical and podiatric care with more than 40 years of clinical experience.

The clinic’s facilities are equipped with the latest technology in diagnostic imaging and medical treatments. We have various fluoroscopy equipment, 4D ultrasound scanners, an orthopaedic workshop, computerised gait analysis and heat sterilisation, among others.

The San Román podiatric clinic is a reference in Alicante, with Dr. JM San Román Pérez, founder of the clinic in 1979 and a pioneer in Europe in foot surgery. The team is completed by Dr. I. San Román Sirvent and Dr. JM San Román Sirvent, podiatrists and doctors specialising in minimally invasive or percutaneous foot surgery.

We offer our patients a personalised medical and podiatric service for the prevention, diagnosis and treatment of different foot conditions or pathologies.

At Clínica San Román we are experts in minimally invasive or percutaneous foot surgery for the treatment of bunions (hallux valgus), claw toes and other foot deformities. Our surgical technique allows patients to walk away pain-free and with a comfortable post-operative period of one to five weeks depending on the degree of deformity.

At the clinic you will find treatments ranging from dermatological conditions, ingrown toenails, plantar warts, calluses (hyperkeratosis), excessive sweating (hyperhidrosis) to outpatient surgical treatments, biomechanical gait studies and intra-articular echo-guided hyaluronic acid injections (foot, knee, hip, shoulder and elbow).

The biomechanical gait examination is performed in patients with a foot or ankle disorder. It may also be necessary to carry out a gait analysis in people who are starting to do physical activity or who have discomfort when doing so. Customised insoles are made in the orthopaedic workshop of the San Román clinic using the latest generation of thermoformable materials.

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Patient Care

  • We have more than 40 years of experience in foot surgery and are pioneers in Europe in minimally invasive or percutaneous surgery.
  • We have state-of-the-art equipment for the diagnosis and treatment of foot disorders.
  • We perform minor outpatient surgery for the treatment of bunions and claw toes.
  • We also carry out biomechanical gait studies, general chiropody, diagnostic imaging, orthopaedic treatments with customised insoles and intra-articular ultrasound-guided infiltrations.
  • The entire medical and auxiliary team of the San Román clinic can attend to you with personalised treatment in Spanish, English, German and French. We also have a Russian and Arabic interpreter service.
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Chiropody Clinic in Alicante registered and regulated by the Health Ministry
Clínica San Román is registered and regulated by the Health Department to carry out all types of medical, podiatric and minor surgery treatments, with certificate of inscription in the regional register of health centres, services and establishments of the Valencia Region, number 5357.

The San Román Chiropody Clinic complies with the strictest standards of asepsis and hygiene, supervised weekly by ISS, as well as having the most modern technical equipment.

You can contact us by telephone: (+34) 965 921 156, by email:, by using the contact form on the website or our online chat.

The San Roman Podiatric Clinic is located in the centre of Alicante with easy access by car or on foot. You have at your disposal two paid car parks less than 100 metres away.

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DP. J.M. San Román Pérez, D.P.M., MSc, F.A.A.A.F.A.S. Dr. I. San Román Sirvent, M.D., BA (hons), MSc, F.A.A.A.F.A.S. Doctors San Román father and son, both podiatrists and physicians specialising in minimally invasive foot surgery.