Do you have cold feet? We show you the reasons and how to solve it.

3 de March de 2021

The cold has arrived and for a few months, we will have to live with it. With the low temperatures, our feet may have some problems derived from these temperatures.

Do you know what damage your feet suffer due to low temperatures?

Why your feet may be cold

Low mobility: One of the reasons why your feet feel cold is when you have not moved them for too long. In this way, blood circulation is worse, resulting in a decrease in heat.

Circulatory problems: The blood in our feet has one main function: to conserve its heat . In the case that the person has some type of circulatory problem that prevents the blood from reaching the feet correctly, certain problems may appear.

Problems of neurological origin: Another possible cause of a low temperature in the feet may come from a problem of neurological origin. If we have some type of disease that affects the correct nerve conduction, it can generate a deficient thermoregulation of the foot.

Footwear problems: Our footwear must, as we do with the rest of our clothing, be correctly adapted to low temperatures. The ideal is to wear shoes and socks corresponding to the season of the year in which we find ourselves. This will ensure that our feet have a correct source of heat in winter and ventilation in summer.

Excessive sweating: If your feet sweat excessively, the temperature of your feet will drop immediately and even more so without the evaporation of that sweat is not adequate.

foot injuries

Foot injuries due to low temperatures

Frostbite injury to the feet: In this type of lesions there is no vasoconstriction. Arterial ischemia occurs due to the cut-off of blood supply. This will cause the foot to turn black, which is known as necrosis. This type of lesion affects the extremities and also more distal points such as the nose.

Chilblains: This type of dermal lesion is usually bilateral and is caused by arterial and venous vasoconstriction coupled with an excessive amount of moisture. In this way, the hands and feet usually turn red or violet in color.

Trench foot: This type of pathology was discovered during the First World War. Soldiers spent many hours with their boots on and blood could not circulate properly. This, together with an excess of humidity, caused the skin to be damaged and, in some cases, the fingers had to be amputated.

Raynaud’s phenomenon: In this type of pathology we observe a decrease in sensitivity and a reddish color in the most distal areas. These damages occur together with spasms of vascular origin caused by

Keys to combat cold feet

Wear the right footwear: For this, it is recommended that the sole be rubber as it is a perfect insulator for the colder months.

Eat spicy foods in moderation: Foods such as cayenne, curry or pepper increase the heart rate and cause blood to flow more precisely to the more distal parts of the body, such as the feet

Wear the right socks: Wear the appropriate socks for each stage of the year and avoid excessive thickness that prevents blood from flowing properly when you put on your shoes.

Massage your feet: You should perform massages in a distal direction (squeeze your leg gently in the direction of your feet).With this, your circulation will be reactivated.

Avoid tobacco: Tobacco is a powerful vasoconstrictor that can seriously damage the health of your circulatory system.

Get moving: If you are going to be standing for long periods of time, avoid standing on your feet. Move them in a circular motion performing small exercises that activate blood circulation.

Cold weather can cause the health of our feet to suffer. As much as possible, try to take care of your feet and keep them properly warm by wearing quality shoes. If you feel cold feet continuously you should look for the cause of it, please contact us for any questions.

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