Our medical and podiatric team is formed by Dr. Jose Manuel San Román Perez and Dr. I. San Román Sirvent, who are both specialists in minimal incision or percutaneous surgery. Both of them are Fellows of the prestigious American Academy of Ambulatory Foot and Ankle Surgery, since 1987 in the case of Dr Jose Manuel San Roman.

Our support team is formed by highly qualified nurses and staff, who will care for you with the maximum efficiency and attention in Spanish, English, German, Dutch, French and Valencian.

Clínica San Román, with Ministry of Health registration number 5357, complies with the strictest aseptic and hygiene standards and has modern and effective technical equipment. The facilities of Clínica San Román in Alicante have an operating room also registered in the Ministry of Health to perform minor surgery.

orthopaedics. We perform percutaneous or minimal incision surgery as well as any other foot treatments, offering for each an optimal ‘results-recovery balance’ to our patients.Clínica San Román is renowned nationally and internationally as a centre of excellence for foot surgery.


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Our patients are central to our activity. We are, at all times, dedicated to ensuring our patients receive the precise treatment mix according to their condition in an integrated and personalised manner.

Our minimal incision surgery has the following advantages:

  • Ambulatory surgery which allows the patient to walk unaided from the clinic.
  • Minimises complications arising from general anaesthetics.
  • A minimal incision brings faster recovery with little post-operative pain because such surgery respects the soft tissue and articulation.
  • It does not require any screws or implants that other techniques require.
  • Less risk of infection and a better scar healing.
  • Excellent long term results.

At Clínica San Román we have an experience of 35 years in foot surgery and orthopedics.

We have services of:  

Minimally invasive or percutaneous surgery of the foot
Diagnostic Imaging

Surgical treatments:

Bunions (hallux valgus)            
Tailor’s Bunion                        
Incarnated nail

Conservative and preventive treatments:

Morton’s neuroma                        
Tarsal Tunnel Syndrome                        
Ingrown Toenail (onicocriptosis)                  
Cavus Foot                                                                  
Flat Foot                                                                
Plantar Warts (Papilloma)                           
Sports Podiatry
Child Podiatry





Claw Toes or Hammer Toes
Calcaneal Spur
Freiberg’s disease

Planting Fasciitis
Sinus Tarsi Syndrome
Subungual Osteochondroma
Knee arthrosis
Valgo Foot
Diabetic Foot
Podiatric Surgery
Mushroom Treatment