Achilles tendon injuries and pain What are the most common causes?

14 de September de 2021

Everyone at some point in their lives has felt a twinge or pain in the Achilles tendon. pain in the Achilles tendonthat is, right at the back of the ankle.

And just like the mythological character that gave it its name, we have difficulty walking, running or going down stairs. It may be a temporary discomfort, but if it persists over time and does not improve, it will be necessary to consult a podiatrist or foot specialist.

There are several reasons why there may be heel pain and below we will explain some of them.

Achilles tendon pain from a partial or total rupture

Achilles tendonWhen a total or partial rupture of the Achilles tendon occurs, there is pain when stretching or unloading weight, swelling and deformity in the posterior area of the foot.

Generally, breaks of this style occur when a forced jump, sudden acceleration while running or exceeding the stretching capacity are performed.

They can also be caused by a fall, but these are the least frequent cases.

Statistically, Achilles tendon Achilles tendon pain tendon pain due to a tear has a higher incidence in people who do it occasionally for fun and without having warmed up and stretched beforehand.

The usual treatment consists of surgery when the rupture is total or very extensive; in smaller cases, the foot is immobilized until the tendon heals.


Tendinopathy can occur in two forms in any tendon in the body, including the Achilles tendon.

On the one hand, there is tendinitis, which is the inflammation of the tissue that connects the muscle and the bone, i.e. the tendon.

When the inflammation is not treated in time and overexertion continues then it develops into tendinosis.

The patient experiences:

  • Pain that does not go away, even with drugs.
  • Pain and discomfort when touching the affected part.
  • Increase in tendon volume.
  • Nodules.

Haglund’s syndrome and the Achilles tendon

Haglund’s syndrome generates a lot of pain in patients, in fact, its discomfort is often the most disabling.

It consists of calcification, or calcium accumulation, at the insertion of the Achilles tendon. Basically, an accumulation of bone tissue forms over the tendon. This abnormal bone growth can occur in the anterior part of the fibers or in the posterior part, but in both cases it generates great discomfort when walking.

The most characteristic symptom is a bulging at the back of the heel, as well as pain when climbing hills, walking fast or playing sports.

Infiltration treatment can relieve pain temporarily, however, the definitive solution consists of surgery.

There are many causes of Achilles tendon Achilles tendon painTherefore, an accurate diagnosis by an experienced podiatrist and specific imaging equipment is recommended. Contact Clínica San Román

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