Completely flat shoes are not recommended

5 de February de 2020

This is because with a very thin sole the foot is forced to absorb the impact directly against the ground when walking. Such as the so-called ballerinas, which lack cushioning and do not provide the necessary support to the plantar arch or heel. This type of footwear is very common in girls and adolescents.

ballerina shoes - totally flat shoes are not recommended.
Exaggeratedly flat footwear causes the achilles-calcaneal-plantar structure to suffer, since this structure is in charge of carrying out the first movement at the beginning of the step. Each time the heel rests on the ground, the ankle is flexed due to tension in the Achilles tendon.
When wearing excessively flat shoes, the tension generated by the Achilles tendon must be greater in order to flex the ankle.


The consequence of this is that the heel bone (calcaneus) and the plantar fascia will receive increased stress. In this case, plantar fasciitis or pain in the sole of the foot can occur, which is very common in summer with the use of sandals, flip-flops and flat shoes, and can even lead to pain in the back muscles of the leg (calf), ankle, back and/or hip problems that interfere with the person’s general posture.
ballerinas footwear footwear collection - totally flat footwear is not advisable
Do not be seduced by harmful fashions and an apparent sense of comfort. Just as a shoe with a high heel is harmful, so is a shoe without a high heel. It is advisable to wear shoes with a heel between 3 or 4 cm and with good cushioning so that our foot works without overexertion.
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Date of publication: 30-09-2017

Date of revision: 8-02-2020


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