Biomechanical gait study at the San Roman Clinic

2 de February de 2020

Biomechanical study to study the footprint

The feet are one of the most important parts of our body and although it may not seem so, they determine our degree of health in an imperceptible but very important way.

For example, an incorrect gait or way of walking produces alterations in our skeleton that can limit our daily life and yet go unnoticed most of the time. An example is plantar fasciitis.


biomechanical study of the footprint

Why does this happen?

We are often unaware that we adopt bad walking habits to compensate for pain, deformities and even limb shortening due to injury. Over time, we do not get used to it and accept it as normal even though we know it affects us negatively.

We are simply unable to see such an obvious problem. When we have a cold we soon take action, but when faced with a sore foot or a sore foot, few people look for a solution.



The biomechanical study of the gait performed by specialized professionals makes it possible to study the patient’s gait and its relation to the problem presented by the patient.

This allows the application of a correct orthopedic treatment and the prevention of possible future musculoskeletal injuries. Incorrect footing has direct repercussions affecting the knees, hips and spine.

The biomechanical gait study should include joint and muscle exploration as well as a pressure analysis of the static and dynamic footprint. In the case of athletes, a running analysis and study of the slow motion film should also be performed to detect anomalies not visible to the human eye.


Personalized treatment of plantar fasciitis

Once the problem has been detected, a personalized treatment must be applied to each patient, which may require the application of customized orthopedic insoles under a plaster cast, unique to each patient and his or her pathology. Treatment may also include muscle strengthening exercises, stretching or even foot surgery with a percutaneous technique that allows for a quick recovery without discomfort.

Finally, walking correctly and without pain is essential and natural for the human being, with this, exercise will cease to be a problem and our health will improve in all aspects.

We should always take care of our feet, and remember that with a simple gait analysis; we can improve our health and walk through life without pain.

Link of interest Plantar fasciitis.


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