My toes are deformed. What can I do?

2 de February de 2020

The deformation of the toes, or also called digital deformities, is one of the most frequent consultations at the podiatrist.


The foot specialist should evaluate the type of toe deformity and its severity in order to apply the appropriate treatment for each case. When conservative treatment is insufficient, minimally invasive surgical treatment will be necessary.

treatment of foot deformity  Biomechanical study of the foot

It is important to perform a complete study of the lower limbs that usually includes: a biomechanical study of the feet along with radiographs and a physical examination of the foot in order to make a correct diagnosis and subsequent treatment.

In general, initial conservative treatment of problems resulting from finger deformities usually involves the fabrication of silicone orthoses. Sometimes the use of custom orthopedic insoles improves foot support and reduces plantar pain.

Surgery is chosen when the deformity is severe and causes disabling pain or when it is not possible to wear a daily shoe. In any case, this type of surgery has short postoperative periods and the results are very satisfactory and painless.





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