Sports socks: Learn how to choose the right socks for each activity

1 de December de 2021

The sports socks are as necessary as choosing the right footwear that allows a correct transmission of sweat. Although they may seem unimportant, wearing the right socks for certain sports activities makes a big difference.

For example, playing soccer with very thick socks produces excess heat and this can contribute to the development of skin problems on your feet.

What material should sports socks be made of?

sports socks
sports socks

On the Internet and in any sports store you can find sports socks made of various materials such as:

Coolmax fabric: It is a polyester fiber that facilitates perspiration, i.e., it is a fabric that does not retain heat, but protects the skin. They are recommended for hot climates and intense sports practices.

Cupron fabric: A type of material recommended for people who suffer from excessive sweating and bad foot odor.

They contain copper ions that help eliminate fungi, prevent the proliferation of bacteria, thus controlling bad odor.

Dry-tex Comfort: Also a recommended fabric for high temperatures and intense physical activities.

It has a lightweight fabric that allows air to pass through and moisture to escape, keeping the skin dry and cool.

Thermolite fabric: Works the opposite of the previous socks and instead of keeping the foot cool, it retains heat.

They are best suited for cold climates and outdoor activities such as hiking.

No to cotton: Cotton is not the most recommended fabric for sports practices, even though it is quite comfortable.

Cotton fibers allow the expulsion of heat, but retain moisture and this favors the proliferation of bacteria and dermatitis.

Characteristics of the ideal sports sock

In addition to the material, when choosing sports socks you should take into account other characteristics, such as the following:

Height: This is an aesthetic detail in most cases, however, it should be considered that long socks protect your skin more.

Fit to the foot: Socks should fit the foot loosely and not be too loose, to prevent slipping.

The key is to check if the toe and heel seams fit your foot perfectly.

Padding: Not all socks should be padded, only used in practices that require more cushioning.

Generally, mountaineering and hiking are the sports that require this type of garment.

Arch reinforcements: They are recommended for people with flat feet to avoid injuries such as plantar fasciitis. Customized templates are also used for this type of case.

Why should you choose the right socks?

Although choosing the athletic socks may seem like a trivial matter in reality, it is an important step in taking care of your health.

It prevents the accumulation of sweat, which can lead to fungus, skin irritation and bad odor, as well as generating an uncomfortable sensation in the feet.

Wearing the wrong socks also affects your stride, for example, if they are too tight you will not walk comfortably. If you have any disease such as diabetes, the right socks will protect to avoid the development of ulcers and skin problems.

In conclusion, choosing the right the right sports socks is as important as choosing the right equipment for the sport.

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