Mistakes not to make when buying shoes

5 de February de 2020

These are the mistakes you should not make when buying shoes

It is not always necessary to get special shoes, so we can buy our new shoes in common shoe stores, but it is very important that you know how to identify and check some details to avoid making mistakes.


Details to take into account in shoes

  • The heel: it is impractical to wear flat shoes on a regular basis, a shoe with a little heel helps the relaxation of the posterior muscles of the leg so it is more advisable to use them.
  • Although maintaining prolonged use of very high heeled shoes will promote these muscles to atrophy. The most flattering heel height is between 2 and 4 cm, so it is the most recommended.
  • If this height is exceeded, it can cause an overload at the level of the metatarsal heads, this ailment can be aggravated if there is any structural alteration in the metatarsal formula.
  • Shank: this component is normally inserted into the sole of the shoe in order to stiffen it from the heel to at least the forefoot area.
  • When walking, the shank provides a leverage effect on the momentum of each step, which facilitates take-off, allowing the foot to work less and therefore suffer less overload.


details to consider when buying shoes



  • Sole: its purpose is to remove the foot from the ground; and to protect it from any external element that may cause damage, the material with which it is made may be soft so that it is more comfortable.
  • Shoe upper: the part of the shoe that envelops the foot. It is made of different materials and fastening (lacing, closed or Velcro cut, among others). It is important that the area that protects the fingers is wide to avoid lateral compressions and it must also have a minimum height that is permissive when moving the fingers vertically, always avoiding that the fingers are compressed both in width and height.
  • Toe break: this name is given to the distance from the toe of the shoe to the ground. This allows for a rocking movement at take-off, which, together with the camber effect, results in a fluid and more comfortable ride.

Other details

On the basis of the above, if we are looking for a footwear If it is for the practice of a specific sport, we must take into account other factors such as rigidity and shape of the sole, materials used, toe cap, among others, since sports footwear is currently specifically designed for each discipline.

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