What are the most common foot ailments?

31 de January de 2020

Sometimes we neglect our feet, even though the most frequent foot ailments; can cause serious damage to our health, however the feet are a delicate part of our body, to which we have to pay attention and care as the other parts of our body. Surely we should pay more attention even to our feet, because they support the weight of our body and are an indispensable element for us to walk, however we do not pay them the attention we should.

Sometimes we neglect our feet, and while we take care of other parts of our body on a daily basis with creams, treatments, exercises and specific care for these parts of the body, we neglect basic care of our feet and this can cause serious problems. Feet are a very resistant part of our body, but the more we take care of them, the more problems we will be avoiding, starting by wearing good, comfortable shoes is one of the best ways to take care of our feet.



There are certain ailments from which we cannot escape even if we take good care of our feet, either because we have a certain genetic predisposition, because of our foot type, or because we have suffered some kind of disease or problem that leads to a certain ailment. Let’s take a look at the most common foot ailments to be clear about what they may be and solve them quickly to avoid discomfort.


Bunions are one of the most common ailments or pathologies in people’s feet, if we suffer from bunions what we will be able to clearly observe is a protuberance, a deformity, in the lateral area of our right foot, this protuberance is the result of a displacement of the tissue or bone of the joint of our big toe, which causes the toe to bend outwards and this lump is produced. It can be treated with minimally invasive surgery, which involves the solution of the problem with a simple technique under local anesthesia.


Bunion pain


Claw toes

This is another of the most common ailments in our feet, this problem causes our toes to shrink into a claw shape. The problem is caused by imbalances that occur in the bone and muscle structures of the foot. It can also be treated with minimally invasive surgery so the solution is possible, and also with a treatment that does not present any complication for the patient.

claw toes detail clínica san román most frequent ailments
The affected joints become progressively deformed to the point of stiffness and dislocation of the joint.


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