How do I know if I have claw toes?

13 de June de 2018

The problem of claw toes is more common than we think, many people suffer from this disease in silence. Like many other ailments, foot problems tend to suffer in silence, without much communication, because they are usually deformities that are not pleasant to share with others. This should not be the case as it is a much more common than we think and you should get informed and consult with a specialist to ascertain whether you have a claw toe deformity.


It is a pathology that requires a specific treatment for a long-term solution. Therefore, the sooner we identify that we suffer from claw toes, the sooner we can find a solution to the problem.


Are my toes clawing?

If we think we can have hammer or claw toes, the best thing to do is to go to a specialist to obtain a full diagnosis so that they can evaluate if we are suffering from this problem. In any case, to identify the problem, we must take a look at our feet, and if we have a deformity that causes our toes to be in the shape of a claw, like the claws of an animal, then we probably do suffer from claw toe deformity to a greater or lesser degree.

Why do I have claw toes?

This type of deformity can be caused by various previous problems that may have triggered this clawing process to occur in our toes. Depending on our foot type, it is possible to develop this condition naturally, but may also be originated from previous trauma, from some type of joint disease, footwear type or inflammatory or neuromuscular conditions.


What are the solutions?

Fortunately, it is possible to treat a clawed toe with the appropriate treatment, but it is advisable to evaluate the degree of the situation beforehand to determine the exact treatment to follow. In advanced cases, minimally invasive surgery may also be suggested, for those cases where the deformity is very pronounced and the pain has become a real problem for the patient.


With the right indications and treatment, it can be improved, and in cases where surgery is indicated, it is carried out using minimally invasive techniques, so we should assume an uneventful and painless surgery which will provide a quick and effective solution.


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