How to treat bunions effectively?

16 de June de 2018

Bunions are one of the most common foot problems. Many people suffer from bunions and mistakenly think that there is no solution without having to go through a complicated surgical intervention and let it go and this only aggravates the problem. That is why we want to shed some light on how bunions can be treated effectively to solve our foot problems and improve our quality of life.

Ending our bunion problem is precisely that, a leap forward in our quality of life; we have to take care of our feet, as they are our body’s. Unhealthy feet are an endless source of problems, not only related to that part of our body, but also to our general daily activity and ultimately to our health.

First of all, how do I know if I have bunions?

Bunions, or Hallux Valgus, as they are known technically, is a deformity that occurs in the medial aspect of our foot in the area of the big toe. If you notice a bony protuberance on the medial aspect of the big toe, it probably means you have a bunion. In such case, you should go to see a specialist so that he or she can confirm if indeed we have a bunion or if it is some other pathology, but often when we have a deformity of these characteristics means that they are bunions.

Inflammation can occur at the joint bursa (fluid-filled sac), aggravating the bump mentioned above. This deformity can be more or less severe. However, in any case it is important to treat it since, fortunately, it has a solution.

hallux valgus bunions


How to treat it effectively?

To treat bunions effectively, the ideal scenario is to undergo minimally invasive surgery, where, through a small incisional procedure that only requires local anesthesia, we will be able to solve this problem efficiently and efforlessly, without major complications and with a greatly improved recovery period and with hardly any complications. The deformity will be corrected through this intervention, and you will be able to recover with complete normalcy to help you regain your health and well-being.


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