Why is it good for your health to walk barefoot?

21 de September de 2020

For some people walk barefoot is a pleasure and is part of their daily habits, but others do not see much use for this practice. The truth is that walking without shoes has positive repercussions on the health of your feet and your entire body.

Believe it or not, the simple act of taking off your shoes and walking on different surfaces relieves muscle tension, relaxes you and improves blood circulation. In young children, it has the added benefit of aiding cognitive development.

Here we explain all the positive effects of walking directly on the ground and give you some tips on how to make the most of your time without shoes:

Barefoot walking stimulates and relaxes foot muscles

Any type of footwear generates pressure on our feet. When we wear closed shoesour toes must stay together and the sole loses mobility, so it is inevitable that the muscles get tired.

Walking barefoot when you get home is recommended because the direct contact with the ground allows you to stretch and stimulate the muscles that have atrophied.

In case you wear high shoes, such as high heels and platforms, the ideal is to do some exercises that relax your feet, for example, circular movements with your ankles and stretching of the instep.

Walking without shoes helps to relieve stress


The soles of your feet have thousands of nerve endings and when you have direct contact with the ground you send stimulating messages to the nervous system. The change from a closed shoe to the spaciousness of the floor creates a state of unconscious relaxation in the mind.

For some people walk barefoot can be part of your ritual to disconnect from work. If you take off your shoes and put on comfortable clothes when you get home, your mind will relax and allow you to reach a deeper and more restful sleep.

The contact of babies’ feet with the ground positively stimulates their brains.

Walking without shoes is a very important practice during the first years of a child’s life because it represents a way to help in their cognitive process.

Different surfaces create different sensory experiences that help the child to differentiate between one material and another, just as with hands. In addition, other stimuli such as temperature change, height and stability promote the development of reflexes, balance and depth perception.

Walk without shoes only at home

Walking barefoot is a very healthy practice but it is not recommended that your feet touch dirty surfaces or that it is a risk to your health, the recommendation of the specialists is that you only do it in your own home.

Parks, sidewalks and sports facilities such as gyms and swimming pools are full of germs and bacteria that could cause an infection on the skin of your feet, plus you run the risk of a cut from glass or a sharp object.

Walking barefoot can be the relief your feet need after a long day’s work. If you are not used to it, you can do it for a few minutes during the day to allow muscle relaxation. This simple practice is beneficial to your health and should not be neglected.


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