Why do feet “swell”? Tips

2 de February de 2020

My feet are swollen, as they say

Many people feel after a hard day’s work that their feet are “swollen“, “swollen” or “heavy“, usually due to fluid retention in the lower body, but


For what other reasons can feet swell?

According to the N.I.H.(United States Institute of Health) “swelling” of the feet is common in people, although it may be temporary, it can also be a sign of liver, kidney or heart failure, due to the accumulated excess fluid generated in the body.


Swollen feet


Other reasons for “swollen” feet

  • Overweight
  • Standing for long hours
  • Long car or airplane trips in the same position
  • Pregnancy or menstrual cycle
  • Consumption of estrogens or some medications intended for blood pressure or antidepressants as side effects

To help prevent fluid accumulation and swelling of the feet. Some tips are:

  • If you are sitting in the same position for many hours, move your legs
  • While the person is lying down, raise the legs from time to time or use a cushion under the legs to relax the feet.
  • Eating a low-salt diet
  • Take breaks from time to time and walk
  • Avoid wearing tight shoes
  • A balanced and healthy way to lose weight
  • Moderate exercise



When you get home, one option is to soak your feet in a basin of hot water to relax and promote circulation.

If the pain persists too much in the feet, it is always advisable to visit a specialist to rule out any anomaly.


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Date of publication: 25-08-2017

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