What is Proprioception?

30 de January de 2020

Proprioception and its importance

Proprioception is an unusual word but it is applied tothe ability we each have to perceive the movement and position of the different parts of our body based on space, it is a sense of interoception.



It is the ability to know at all times where our body is subconsciously. It is especially important with the feet and hands.

It is responsible for making sure that when playing sports we know where the ball is and where the foot is to strike. Using this capability avoids failing to hit the ball.


People in the proprioception training session.

Can proprioception be lost?

It can be reduced when suffering an accident such as an ankle sprain, the foot is immobilized for a long time.

This period in which there is no activity with the foot, causes us to walk less stable but without forgetting how to walk. It is therefore important to perform appropriate proprioception exercises during sprain recoveries because when an injury occurs when the sensory signal is sent, it arrives distorted to our brain, so it sends a response that is not entirely correct.This can make it easier to suffer a sprain problem in the future.

Is there any way to know the level of proprioception?

Yes, there are different methods to know if a person has a good level. One of the best known is Romberg’s sign, to know the patient’s stability based on supporting himself with one leg, also called on one leg, first with his eyes open and then with his eyes closed.

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