The importance of wearing proper footwear for the health of your feet

1 de February de 2020

The right footwear

When choosing footwear, in addition to being guided by the latest fashion trends, we must also think about the most convenient option for our feet and overall health. Inadequate footwear can lead to foot pain, bunions, back pain, knee pain and, in the most severe cases, there will be no choice but to resort to surgery.


fashion footwear collection - the importance of proper footwear


In order to choose the most suitable shoe, we recommend the following advice:

  1. Always choose the right shoe size. The shoes must be completely adapted to the foot. When the foot is pressed forward it is necessary to place the toe between the heel and the shoe. When buying shoes we must make sure that we can put them on and take them off the foot easily. As for sports shoes and boots, you should always choose a larger size than usual.
  2. Choose heels of 3.5 or 4 cm maximum, otherwise we run the risk of straining our posture and suffering back problems, knee pain, etc. With heels that are too high, the feet tend to slide forward, compressing the toes and causing corns and bunions. If you have the obligation to wear high heels to an event or for work reasons, it is best to alternate them with flat shoes. In New York, it is very common to wear flats to work and to wear heels only for business meetings.
  3. Before buying shoes, walk in them and check the friction when walking. Shoes that are too hard, too wide, too long or too narrow will eventually cause injuries such as blisters, bunions and corns.
  4. In any case, the foot must be perfectly fixed, if it floats in the shoe you may suffer from micro-tendinitis. Leather shoes should be chosen and plastic shoes should be avoided. Also, do not choose a shoe that is too heavy, as it hinders the movement of the foot and can cause injury. Ideally, choose shoes that support the ankle well and allow you to move comfortably.
  5. As for sports shoes, they should be chosen according to the type of sport and the shape of your foot. It is necessary to equip yourself in a specialized store. In addition, we should opt for light shoes that cushion the impact of the sports activity. Be especially careful if you go jogging. The quality of the cushioning is of utmost importance, because with each stride the foot hits the ground, and if you do not wear the right shoes you can damage your feet and your spine.


With these simple tips you will keep your feet in perfect condition and avoid the damage that leads to foot surgery.


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Date of publication: 7-08-2017

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