Always remember that your feet are the fundamental support for your body throughout your life, always take care of them.

It is natural to think that with age our feet become older and develop diseases. However, painful and uncomfortable feet must not be part of this natural process nor must it be something to which we must be resigned.

We must improve the comfort, alleviate pain and maintain mobility.

General Tips

1. Wash your feet daily with warm water and a pH neutral soap. After rinsing dry thoroughly, especially between the toes.

2. Moisturize your feet well in case of dryness.

3. You should inspect your feet every day if you have diabetes. If you find any signs of redness, swelling, cracks in the skin or sores should contact your foot specialist.

4. Do not cut corns or hyperkeratosis yourself. Also do not apply products “without limitation” because these can cause more damage if the indication is not correct.