Proper Footwear and its importance for the feet

3 de February de 2020

The right footwear makes the difference

The right footwear depends on the functions it performs, as each shoe has its function. For example, they protect our feet, while allowing us to practice sports.

They also cushion our body weight, making us comfortable or fashionable, and in the best case, both. Therefore, finding footwear that is suitable for our feet is very important.

Poorly fitting shoes can cause problems such as bunions, corns or sores, claw toes, plantar fasciitis or stress fractures. Because the shapes of our feet and our needs are different for each person, the same shoe may not work equally well for two different people.



You should also keep in mind that shoes will wear out over time and will need to be replaced within 6 to 12 months after regular use.

In order to help you find suitable footwear, the specialists at Clínica San Román offer the following advice:

  1. Measure your feet even if you have always worn the same size shoes, it is important to measure your feet because both the size and shape of your feet can change over time.
  2. It should measure two feet. Our feet are not exactly the same and it is very common to have one foot larger than the other. Of course, you should always try on shoes on the larger foot.
  3. Measure feet at the end of the day. Normally the feet are more swollen during the end of the day. You should keep this in mind when measuring your feet or trying on new shoes, otherwise the same shoe may be uncomfortable in the afternoon, even if it fits well earlier in the day.
  4. Buy shoes that are comfortable for you, regardless of size. Knowing your foot size is simply a guide, as different brands and types of footwear may have different measurements even if you have the same size.. You may need to wear a size larger than your usual size with certain brands or types of footwear.
  5. Look for footwear that fits the shape of your foot. Shoes that are shaped too differently from the shape of your foot are likely to cause problems.
  6. Do not buy small shoes expecting them to give way over time. The shoes must fit right from the start.
  7. The area immediately before the toes should fit snugly into the wide part of the shoe.
  8. Make sure that there is enough room for the toes in the shoe to avoid rubbing and the appearance of calluses and chafing. This is even more important if you have hammertoes or other foot problems.
  9. Always leave about one centimeter between the toe of the shoe and your longest toe (usually the second toe).
  10. As a general rule, you should walk around a bit in your new shoes to check that they are comfortable, fit your foot well and do not rub. The heel should not slip or slip when walking.


footwear suitable for the feet

Adapt your footwear to your daily activity

Another important factor is to wear appropriate footwear that has been designed for the activity you will be doing. Shoes used for running give you extra cushioning in the heel and the necessary flexibility for your toes.

Similarly, footwear designed for cycling is stiffer in order to help you pedal efficiently. However, if you use one of these shoes for an activity other than the one for which it was designed, you may have problems.

Choose quality shoes

Generally speaking, for a shoe to be good, it must have a cushioned heel, a firm sole and flexibility appropriate to the type of shoe. Also, if the upper of the shoe is made of a soft, easily ventilated material, the shoe will be more comfortable, decreasing the chances of chafing and skin irritation. It is convenient that the footwear can be adjusted with laces, Velcro, etc., so that the foot is comfortable and fastened.

It is also important that the footwear has arch support. If this factory support is not fixed, but inserted into the shoe, it can be removed and replaced with an orthopedic insole to make the shoe more comfortable. In case of specific foot problems, your doctor will prescribe a custom orthotic insole.

By following these simple tips, the risk of footwear and foot problems will be greatly reduced. If you have any problems with your feet or ankles, you should talk to your medical specialist. Comfortable and fashionable footwear is available today, but if you have to choose, always choose comfort and foot safety over fashion trends. You will notice the improvement not only when walking, but also in the short and long term.


trustworthy medical information stamp clinica san romanArticle prepared by Clínica San Román

Date of publication: 16-08-2017

Date of revision: 3-02-2020


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