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5 de February de 2020

This time we want to share with you what is the most seen in San Roman Podiatric Clinic since 2017 has been a year of many new features and information of interest to our patients in this blog article shows the highlights of the last year.

Clínica Podológica San Román – Bunion and Claw Toe Surgery – TV Information



San Roman Podiatric Clinic Confidences Program ? – Bunions – Percutaneous or minimally invasive surgery


San Roman Clinic – ? Summer foot care


Special feature article Bunions ✅ or Hallux Valgus


San Roman Clinic ? Alicante Medical Travel Portal Report – Part 1



Clínica San Román – Alicante Medical Travel Portal Report – Part 2


Clínica San Román ?What is minimally invasive or percutaneous foot surgery?


TV Information visit the San Roman Clinic ? for patient surgery PART 1



Claw toe surgery at Clínica San Román ? TV Information – PART 2




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Date of publication: 5-01-2018

Date of revision: 6-02-2020


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