The main purpose of the Pain Unit of Clinica San Roman, located in Alicante, focuses on the comprehensive management of pain in patients, including:

– Acute pain, which generally refers to pain caused by a well-defined injury or wound. This type of pain is distinguished by its limited and predictable duration.

– Chronic pain, which is identified as prolonged pain that interferes with the adequate performance of the patient’s daily activities. This type of pain is distinguished by being ill-defined, progressive and persistent over time, to the point that the patient’s nervous system can become accustomed to this state.

At the risk of repeating ourselves, it is important to note that Pain Units typically focus on chronic pain care. However, following the new trends in this medical field, our Pain Unit of Clínica San Román attends within the center all cases that require attention by the various services such as: Traumatology, Rehabilitation, Rheumatology, Surgery, Internal Medicine, Gynecology, etc. for the management of acute pain secondary to surgery.

The medical assistance provided will be characterized by the high quality of the service, of its professionals and of the technology used, its efficiency and its patient-oriented approach, who is the final beneficiary of our assistance.

To achieve this, the Pain Unit of Clínica San Román proposes a dual approach:
First, a commitment to its staff to keep up with scientific and technological advances.
Second, Clínica San Román is committed to a patient-centered policy, seeking to identify needs and taking into account their expectations and demands.


The Pain Unit of Clínica San Román aspires to become the reference center in the province, standing out for the excellence of its services, its results, the competence of its professionals, its empathy towards patients and the use of advanced technology. The quality of care we provide and the adequacy of our facilities are designed to meet the needs and expectations of our patients.

Our results, in all respects, will remain at least within regional and national standards, with the continued ambition of the Pain Management Unit to exceed these limits.

All our efforts will be focused on maximizing the benefit for the patient, always respecting the basic fundamentals of professional medical practice and with the unavoidable objective of achieving professional excellence.


In the Pain Unit of Clínica San Román, in addition to having operating rules, protocols of action and written regulations, we base our behavior on our knowledge and our own. Our values, in order of priority, include:

We focus on the patient: We will use state-of-the-art diagnostic and treatment techniques, both scientifically and technologically, always following safety standards and protocols, scrupulously respecting ethics, deontology and current laws, and providing a respectful and humane treatment that generates confidence in the patient and his or her closest environment.

We are committed to developing quality, effective and efficient processes, seeking from transparency the most effective treatment for each patient.

We seek professional and moral excellence: The entire pain unit of Clinica San Roman is committed to teamwork and professional respect. The Clínica San Román team assumes an individual commitment to continuous training and the acquisition of knowledge, as established in the current Code of Ethics and Medical Deontology in Art. 21.1.