Cuts and wounds on the feet What to do if you hurt yourself walking barefoot?

26 de August de 2020

The wounds on the feet are more frequent during the warmer months due to increased outdoor activities. The beach, the mountains and swimming pools are the usual places for summer fun and are not exempt from accidents.

The soles of the feet are a very sensitive and injury-prone area. Unlike other species, humans cannot keep our feet safe without shoes and this is evident when we go for a walk and take off our shoes.

It is very likely that you will hurt yourself while walking along the seashore if there are many stones or while practicing a summer sport, but as long as you know what to do and how to treat the wound quickly to relieve the pain and bleeding there is nothing to worry about.


What to do when you get a foot injury?

In the case of a deep cut, severe bleeding or penetration of an object, the ideal is to receive immediate medical attention; but you are not always close to a professional who can assist you.

In case you are alone or the victim is one of your companions, the first thing you should do is to clean and disinfect the area. clean and disinfect the area.

Remove with water the remains of soil, dirt and blood that prevents the wound from being seen. Then, if possible, dry the area and apply an antiseptic.

If you are at the beach, you can use sea water to clean and disinfect the affected area at the same time. And try to prevent the foot from touching any surface.

Then assess the severity of the wounds wounds to determine whether they are superficial or deep. If it is a superficial cut, apply a bandage to stop the blood. In case there is an embedded object, try to remove it carefully and then apply the bandage.

cuts and wounds on the feet in athletes

Stopping bleeding is a priority when healing foot wounds

When there is a deep cut or wound, the most evident symptom is excessive bleeding. If this is the case, the priority is to stop it and it is not advisable to try to remove the nailed objects.

After cleaning the wound wound apply a clean gauze or cloth with light pressure until the blood stops flowing. Avoid pressing objects or foreign bodies.

Fix the bandage with adhesive tape or some type of adhesive tape, you can also hold it with your hands until medical attention arrives. If possible, keep the leg raised to slow down blood circulation.


Beware of poisonous animals and plants

Some fish, small marine animals and certain plants, although harmless in appearance, can be poisonous, so when they come into contact with them they inoculate toxic substances.

In case the wound is caused by one of these animals, you should try to remove the thorns and possible remains. Swelling and pain usually appear quickly so you should seek medical attention immediately. If possible, take the agent causing the problem with you so that it can be identified and properly treated.

It is advisable that you check the wounds after a period of time, to make sure that no traces of any embedded material have remained. The most common symptoms in these cases are redness, pain and inflammation.


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26- 8 – 2020



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