How to treat bunions effectively?

5 de February de 2020

Bunions are one of the most common foot problems. Many people suffer from bunions and mistakenly thinking that there is no solution without having to undergo a complicated surgical intervention, they let it go and this only aggravates the problem. That is why we want to shed some light on how bunions can be treated effectively, in order to eradicate this problem from our feet and improve our quality of life.

Ending our bunions problem means precisely that, a leap of improvement in our quality of life, we have to take care of our feet, as they are the support on our body. Unhealthy feet are a never-ending source of problems, not only related to this part of our body, but also to our daily activity and ultimately to our health.


First of all, how do I know if I have bunions?

Bunions or Hallux Valgus, as they are technically known, also known as bunion, is a deformity that occurs in our feet, in the lateral area of the big toe of our feet. If we identify that in the lateral zone of our big toe there is a protuberance, probably we have bunions, the ideal is to go to a specialist so that he/she can indicate us if indeed it is a problem of bunions or if it is some other type of ailment, but the normal thing is that if we have a deformity of these characteristics it is that they are bunions.

What happens is that an inflammation of the bursa that is above the head of our first metatarsal occurs, and this produces the protrusion that we mentioned above. This deformity can be more or less severe, in any case it is important to treat it in order to solve it, because yes, fortunately it has a solution.

Bunions or Hallux Valgus

How to treat it effectively?

To treat bunions effectively, the ideal is to resort to minimally invasive surgery, through a small surgical intervention, which only requires local anesthesia, we will be able to solve this problem in a quick and simple way, without major complications and with a very fast recovery period, and with few complications.

The problem will be corrected through this intervention, and we will be able to recover the necessary normality in our feet to recover our health and well-being.



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