How do I know if I have claw toes?

5 de February de 2020

The problem of claw toes is more common than we think; there are many people who suffer from this ailment in silence, usually deformities that are not pleasant to share with others.

This should not be so; it is a much more common problem than we think, that many people suffer, it is necessary to be informed and to consult; with specialists to be able to know if we suffer from claw toes.

It is a pathology that needs a specific treatment, therefore, the sooner we identify that we suffer from this ailment, the sooner we can solve the problem.


Do I have claw toes?

If we think we may have claw toes, it is best to go to a specialist to receive a complete diagnosis so that he/she can evaluate if we do indeed suffer from this ailment.

In any case, to identify this problem, we must take a look at our feet, and if we have a deformity that causes our toes to be in the shape of a claw, like the claws of an animal, then we probably suffer from claw toes to a lesser or greater degree.

claw toes detail clínica san román
The affected joints become progressively deformed to the point of stiffness and dislocation of the joint.

Why do I suffer from claw toes?

This type of ailments can be originated by several previous problems that have been able to trigger that we have claw toes, depending on our type of foot it is possible that we get to develop the ailment without more, but also may have originated due to previous trauma, even for having suffered some type of joint disease, by the type of footwear that we have used, which has led to this problem and also due to inflammatory and neuromuscular diseases.

What solutions exist?

Fortunately, claw toes can be treated, receiving the appropriate treatment can cure this problem, but it is advisable to previously evaluate the degree of the situation in order to determine the treatment to follow. In really severe cases, minimally invasive surgery may also be suggested.
minimally invasive surgery
in cases where the deformity is very pronounced and pain has become a real problem for the patient.

With the right indications and treatment it can be improved, and in cases where it is surgery, these are minimally invasive techniques, so we can count on the fact that it is not a complicated and painful surgery, but on the contrary, it will be fast and effective.



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Date of publication: 8-03-2018

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