High-heeled shoes: Here’s what you should know to avoid damaging your health with this type of footwear

7 de October de 2020

For many women, the use of high heels is a necessity, whether for work, aesthetics or preference, young and adult women learn to walk in very high shoes without thinking about the possible consequences on their health.

Heels force the foot to remain for many hours in an unnatural position, so the muscles, bones of the feet and legs must adapt to this prolonged position and this is how problems arise.

We know that sometimes it is not possible to stop using these shoes, so here are some tips that will help you minimize and avoid irreversible damage caused by this type of footwear:

The consequences of prolonged use of high heels

The abnormal position of the foot when wearing high heels. high heels generates a significant shortening in the muscle pulley at the back of the leg. In other words, the Achilles tendon, calf muscles, hamstrings and soleus contract and adopt this new posture.

Muscle shortening in the legs manifests itself with pain in the lower back and with some pathologies such as lumbar lordosis, which is the exaggerated pronunciation of the natural curve of the lower back.

On the other hand, heel elevation causes an overload in the metatarsal area, i.e., in the back of the toes. This load increase is proportional to the height of the shoe, for example, a 10cm heel generates a discharge of 90%.

The shape of the tips of the heels heeled shoeswhich is usually triangular, favors the appearance of bunions and claw toes. It also makes the gait unstable, making the foot more prone to sprain.

What to do if high heels are part of your regular attire?

The sporadic use of high high shoes The prolonged use of high shoes generates discomfort that disappears after a few hours or a day, however, its prolonged use triggers health problems.

If the high shoes cannot be eliminated completely, some measures can be taken, for example, alternating high shoes with lower ones throughout the week.

A woman who is already accustomed to wearing these high shoes probably already suffers from some muscle shortening, so when wearing low shoes she feels pain and discomfort in her legs and back.

In this case, the recommendation is to gradually adapt to a low-soled shoe type, starting to decrease the centimeters of height over time.

Girls who have recently started to wear high heels high heels should not make prolonged use of them. It is recommended that their use be limited to twice a week and that medium-height shoes predominate.

business woman in high heels

Avoid problems by varying the type of shoes you wear.

Wearing a completely flat shoe can be counterproductive for women who are accustomed to wearing high heels. Instead of high or completely flat shoes, heels could be approximately 3 cm high.

This height is ideal because it allows unloading of the posterior musculature and plantar fascia. Another great alternative is the use of customized templates.

It is not necessary to eliminate high heels of your life, you just need to learn how to use them properly to avoid health problems. A podiatrist can advise you on the use of quality insoles and footwear.


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