Football Injuries : Jones’ Fracture

30 de June de 2018

Jone’s fracture or fracture of the fifth metatarsal of the foot is one of the most frequent sports injuries, especially in football. It is important to highlight the importance of sports footwear suitable for a certain type of exercise, due to the distribution of the body load on our feet and as a prevention of future injuries.

Jones Fracture


When playing football, the following events should be taken into account as they can lead to injuries:

  • Sudden changes of direction and rate.
  • Impact against the ball, as well as with other players.
  • Inappropriate footwear

The football boot must be perfectly adapted to the type of foot and the main elements it must offer are the following: traction zones for ball control and protection elements over the forefoot area.

Football Injuries Jones Fracture

Why does Jones’ fracture occur in football players?

When running, all the weight of our body falls on the plantar support areas, in particular the metatarsal area, and specifically the fifth metatarsal is a very susceptible area to stress fractures due to this continued load-bearing area.

Therefore, a Jone’s fracture can be caused by a continuous impact or it can also occur abruptly, possibly by the use of footwear with low resistance at the arch of the foot. The way to check if this resistance is adequate is by bending the sole of the boot, as excessive flexibility is a sign of inappropriate footwear.

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