Fall Foot Care

4 de February de 2020

The feet in autumn and their care is essential

After several months outdoors, feet in autumn return to hide in shoes, sneakers, ankle boots and as temperatures drop and it starts to rain, to winter boots.


foot care in autumn footwear


The change from open shoes to closed shoes can affect the feet more than we realize. It is very likely that they will take less care of themselves because no one will see them when they are hidden, but it can have an impact on your health.

The “warts” usually appear now, infected by stagnant water in swimming pools with a low maintenance, in addition to the footwear that in summer is usually of the flat type and in winter with higher heels it is more common to see fasciitis or metatarsalgias.



How to prepare your feet in autumn

  • The foot care must be continuousIn the summer, in the summer you can show off your feet with aesthetic pedicures, but the aggression caused by the sun, chlorine, the prolonged use of flip-flops, among other factors, can cause dehydration, broken nails or wounds to the ankles and heels.
  • A highly recommended option is to visit a podiatrist to evaluate the health of the feet, in Clínica San Román we perform all kinds of treatments.
  • Review closed footwear, since in the last few months you keep shoes that you already noticed that they were bothering you or that were very worn out but you keep them in case perhaps in the future you can use them. It is important to check their condition and assess whether others should be purchased.
  • As well as the insoles that many wear may be worn out, dried out, broken, etc. They have to be changed if you feel uncomfortable.
  • Pay special attention to heels, it is important to check the level of wear and tear because of the effect it has on the feet and other parts of the body such as the back when the legs are bent.
  • Choose a sock that is made of natural fibers so that the foot can perspire and that does not squeeze the ankles for optimal circulation.

Regular foot care should be a habit, exfoliate to release dead cells. After showering, drying them very well is one of the best ways to avoid fungus and moisturizing with a gentle massage.


trustworthy medical information stamp clinica san romanArticle prepared by Clínica San Román

Date of publication: 22-09-2017

Date of revision: 4-02-2020



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