Callicides in cream: A very dangerous, ineffective and totally inadvisable remedy.

15 de September de 2021

The cream callicides are one of the most commonly used products at home when looking for a solution for calluses, but they are not the most suitable.

Many people end up with severe burns and pain that does not allow them to support their feet after using this type of cream. So podiatric health professionals advise against them for any age, even if it is a small or very annoying callus.

Instead of using ointments for cornsInstead of using ointments for corns, you should seek the help of a professional and then take the necessary measures to prevent their reappearance.

Ointments are not a definitive solution

Callus under the feet

Hyperkeratosis, better known as calluses or corns, is a skin lesion that occurs on the feet due to constant pressure on an area.

In other words, it is the thickening of the skin as a consequence of constant friction with hard surfaces, for example when doing some kind of exercise without shoes, it is very likely that you will notice some rough spots on your feet.

Calluses appear in order to protect the skin against impact and calluses. callicides remove the keratin that has accumulated.

Treatment by a podiatrist allows you to identify the cause and apply the necessary correction, for example, the use of custom-made thermoformed insoles. For this purpose, a biomechanical study of the foot is performed. Over time this correction with stencils will make the problem truly disappear.

In recurrent cases despite correct custom insoles, surgery may be necessary.

Produce serious burns and painful lesions

Both callicides and keratolytic patches contain various chemicals that can irritate the skin.

The most common substance in this type of product is salicylic acid, which in moderate doses can produce considerable burns.

The mechanism of action of salicylic acid is supposed to “soften” or “soften” the hardened skin, in fact it does perform this function correctly.

The downside is that in some cases it can be very abrasive and also acts on the skin around the callus, causing damage.

This can cause lesions on healthy skin and if you are also sensitive to chemicals you may develop contact dermatitis.

Your problem may not be a callus.

Calluses and corns are not the only lesion that can appear on your feet, even though they are the most common, for this reason, callicides are used to treat them. callicides would not fulfill their function.

It could be a heloma, which is similar to corns, but it is a deeper lesion that needs a different type of treatment.

There are also plantar warts, which have a viral origin and this condition is treated first by strengthening the immune system and then the cutaneous part.

It is particularly dangerous in people with other diseases

The specific creams for calluses are particularly dangerous for people with certain chronic diseases, such as diabetes or circulatory problems.

If a very deep injury is made to the skin, an infection develops or an ulcer is generated, recovery in these people is slower.

Thus, ointments generally cannot cannot offer you the definitive solution that you would find with a treatment performed by a podiatrist or foot doctor.


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