Beautiful and healthy feet all year round: These are the recommendations you should follow

1 de October de 2020

To have beautiful beautiful and healthy feet is the desire of many, but unfortunately we do not pay enough attention to achieve it. Your feet need daily care, just as your hair, teeth and face do.

Remember that the entire weight of your body rests on your feet, so the shoes you choose and the care you devote to this part of your body reflects on your overall health.

Here are some professional recommendations that will guide you in the care of your feet. care of your feet throughout the year:

To have beautiful and healthy feet you must choose the right footwear

Footwear is key to keeping our feet beautiful and healthy and beautiful feet. Be sure to buy shoes that fit your size, taking into account that they should fit but should not be too tight so as not to cause swelling and deformities.

It is also important to choose shoes according to the season and the weather. Cold can dry out the skin on your feet and cause numbness, while excessive heat promotes the growth of bacteria and fungi.

Wear closed-toe, waterproof boots during the winter and cooler shoes during the summer. Perform a deep cleaning on any type of footwear at least once a month, and if they become soiled with mud or rain water wash immediately.

If you do any sporting activity you should buy shoes adapted to the type of activity you are going to do, for example, if you go running, use special boots for running.

beautiful feet in proper footwear

Create a routine of hygiene and foot care

Wash your feet daily to remove the sweat and dirt that accumulates throughout the day, thus preventing the proliferation of pathogens. In addition to having a beautiful and healthy feet you minimize the chances of developing bad odor.

It is also necessary to use moisturizing creams to keep the skin healthy, avoiding dryness, calluses and small cuts typical of mistreated skin.

Once a year, book an appointment with a podiatrist.

Most people go once a year to the ophthalmologist, dentist and general practitioner to check their health status, this same care should be taken with your feet by attending an annual checkup with a podiatrist.

A podiatric doctor is a professional who checks the health of your feet. One of the assessments made in a consultation is the way you step, that is, the way you support your foot when you walk.

When the foot is not supported in the correct way, the knees, lower back, hips and ankles are affected by the unloading of weight, so it is necessary to go to a professional who can also treat any problems such as ingrown toenails, fungus and dryness.

The key to beautiful and healthy and beautiful feet is to take specific care of this part of our body. Remember that it is your support and support, the best thing you can do is to keep it in good condition.


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