About 15 % of the world’s population has toenail fungus

2 de February de 2020

Sweating of the feet may be caused by a predisposition of the person or by footwear that does not allow proper foot perspiration or absorption of sweat, causing the proliferation of fungi.

Foot fungus is one of the most common conditions treated in podiatric centers, in fact, it is estimated that 15% of the world’s population suffers from this condition.


bare feet in a swimming pool possibility of contracting fungus


Most common causes

The most common causes of fungus are walking barefoot on wet floors, not drying the feet properly after bathing, keeping the feet wet for a long time or even using someone else’s previously infected footwear.

It should be noted that using the footwear of another person suffering from fungus can be a source of contagion.



Studies show that fungi by themselves do not cause pain, but they do weaken the nails, increasing the likelihood that they will split, causing discomfort and discomfort to the patient. Therefore, the need to visit a podiatrist to detect any anomaly, no matter how small, in the foot is insisted upon. The foot care professional will evaluate the problem and will be able to offer you a specific treatment for your condition.

The most common symptoms that may indicate a fungal, bacterial or allergic problem in the skin or nails may be the following:

Common symptoms of having foot fungus

  1. Excessive, constant and incessant itching in a specific area of the foot.
  2. Observe plaque-like redness on the foot or between the toes.
  3. To detect flaking of the skin of the foot.
  4. Cracked skin on the feet.
  5. Any of the above symptoms accompanied by a bad odor that is not normal.

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