What are the most frequent type of post-coronavirus lesions?

6 de April de 2021

Many injuries have occurred during confinement due to the Covid-19 pandemic. The long time we have spent at home has led many people, in order not to see their health suffer, to start practicing sports at home.

These initiatives are always good, but not everyone is aware of the safety measures that must be taken when practicing sports in the event, both physically and on the ground.

There have been many people who have wanted to “substitute” their exercise routines at home without the machines or the advice of their personal trainers. On the other hand, there have also been a significant number of people who have decided to start the sports habit at home without having previously prepared their muscles or their homes.

In this article we are going to tell you what have been the most frequent injuries during confinement and how we can treat them.

Most common types of injuries during confinement

There are two types of injuries that have occurred most frequently.

Post-coronavirus dermal lesions.

Without those lesions that occur on the skin and toenails. Among the most common ones we can find:

Ingrown toenails:

Known as onychocryptosis or ingrown toenails, this is a lesion produced between the nail and the surrounding skin. In many cases, to solve the problem definitively and whenever other resources have failed, the best solution is surgery.


The stress generated in the pandemic has caused our immune system to weaken. This is the ideal ground for the Human Papilloma Virus to be triggered more frequently.

Foot fungus or onychomycosis:

First of all, we should know that not everything abnormal that we see in the feet turns out to be fungus. Let’s take athlete’s foot as an example. It has characteristics that make it very different from onychomycosis.
So before you start trying to solve the problem with products or “home” remedies, consult a podiatrist for advice. consult a podiatrist for advice.

Musculoskeletal lesions post-Coronavirus.

This type of injury is usually caused by an excess of letter for a short period of time, which may cause the injured tissue such as muscles or tendons, not to be able to support the weight.

The most frequent injuries at the time of confinement framed on the feet are:

Plantar fasciitis:

This pathology consists of an inflammation of the plantar area of the foot. The patient has a more pronounced pain when standing up and it usually occurs in the heel area. This is due to excessive tension of the same.


This type of injury is caused by an excessive load on the forefoot. During confinement many people have somehow “thrown themselves” into high-intensity exercise that they were not prepared to perform. This has caused a large number of injuries of this type.


This injury consists of an irritation of the sesamoid bone of the foot.
The injury is produced due to an elevated load produced by an increase in the pressure framed in the area.

If you have or think you suffer from any of the above mentioned pathologies.

Calm down, luckily, all of them can be solved or improved so that it is not an impediment to your daily life. For this, the diagnosis of a professional podiatrist is necessary if what we want is not to have major sequelae.

Contact us, together we will find the right solution to your problem.


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