Effects of nail polish abuse on toenails

12 de November de 2020

Applying nail polish to the toenails is a very common practice among women of all ages, especially when the weather favors the use of open shoes.

In warmer countries, toenail polishing is a daily practice, while in more northerly and southerly countries it is more common in spring and summer.

However, in view of the fact that these polishes are made with chemicals, the following question arises: is their continued use dangerous for the health of the nails?

There are several considerations we must make to answer this question.

Is painting nails different between hands and feet?

The toes are less exposed to the environment than the hands. Therefore, when painting the fingernails, it is more difficult to detect with the naked eye any irregularities that indicate a disease or problem.

Toenails grow more slowly, so the polish will last much longer and it will take longer for the cuticle to be exposed.

On the other hand, the hands are exposed to the air while the feet may be occluded for a long time in shoes or socks, which favors sweating and therefore the appearance of fungus.

In addition, fingernails are washed more frequently than toenails, which compromises their hygiene in hot and humid conditions.

difference between nail polishes on hands and feet

Effects of paint on nails

Nail polish contains various chemicals that can alter the physical qualities of keratin, the substance from which nails are formed.

A direct consequence of frequent toenail painting is that it affects the ability of the nail to “breathe”. In addition, its strength and flexibility and its ability to repair surface damage in a natural way are altered.

Abusing nail polish on toenails increases the risk of breakage, as well as exposing them to staining or discoloration. It also increases the possibility of malformations.

On the other hand, nail polish prevents the nail from breathing properly and can favor the accumulation of humidity and the appearance of fungus.

Should a diseased nail be painted?

A very common mistake made by women with toenail fungus is to paint the toenails to disguise the problem. This is a serious mistake, as it will only serve to stimulate fungal growth and cuticle damage.

Another mistake is to go to a cosmetic center to look for a way to “make up” the problems in the toenails. In this case it is advisable to seek the attention of a podiatrist who will indicate the most appropriate treatment to cure the fungus problem.

Tips when applying nail polish to toenails

When buying nail polishes it is preferable to choose good quality brands and make sure that they do not contain harmful substances such as formaldehyde, toluene and dibutyl phthalate.

It is advisable to remove all nail polish from the toenails from time to time so that they can breathe and regenerate properly. A tip is to leave the nails natural for at least two or three days between each painting session.

However, the abuse of acetone-based nail polish remover should be avoided, as this substance causes serious damage to the skin and nails if prolonged contact is maintained.

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