Bad foot odor How to combat it?

3 de February de 2020

Bad foot odor generates discomfort and is a barrier to social relationships. It is not a serious condition but it is necessary to take measures.

Our feet have 250,000 sweat glands, more than other parts of the body.


bacteria produce the odor in the shoes - smell the feet



More or less quantity but everyone sweats, the main problem is when the sweat comes in contact with bacteria. But as the NHS explains, the combination of sweaty feet and continued use of the same shoes is one of the biggest problems.

To avoid the problem, personal hygiene is very important.

It is the bacteria found on the skin that break down the sweat as it leaves the pores. Therefore, wash your feet very well, dry them well to avoid traces of moisture and change shoes so as not to put your feet in a shoe “still wet from the previous day’s sweat” . Especially in adolescents, due to the pace of life and physical changes.

Another important point is to wear clean socks, avoiding nylon if possible.

The use of a quality soap for pH regulation




Certain stages of life cause the body to release more sweat. How pregnant women and teenagers are more likely to suffer from odor as well as women with menopause.


Both stress and anxiety, which are among the body’s ailments, at excessive levels, cause the release of more hormones, resulting in increased sweating and bacteria breaking down that sweat.

Athlete’s Foot

It is a skin rash caused by dermatophyte fungi, which can cause odor. Affecting the foot in different parts

One risk is wearing closed shoes, having wet feet or having a nail injury. Caused by contact with shoes, floors, showers or swimming pools…


This is defined as excessive sweating, caused by illness or as a side effect of medication. As far as is known it has a genetic component, it is a rare problem but it is one of the reasons for foot odor.

It usually affects the hands, feet, armpits and head the most.

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