Always wearing the same shoes: A bad habit that can affect your health

10 de September de 2020

You may not believe it, but always wear the same shoes is an unhealthy habit. Over time, the shoes you wear every day will cause problems in your feet, back and other parts of your body.

Podiatric health experts recommend that you have at least two pairs of shoes and exchange them throughout the week. This will prevent you from certain problems that we will describe below.

Wearing the same shoes all the time prevents proper hygiene

Closed shoes prevent light from entering and keep humidity in, thus becoming a perfect environment for the proliferation of fungi and bacteria.

When you wear any pair of shoes, your feet perspire and it is impossible for them to breathe while you are wearing them. Heat and humidity favor the growth of pathogens, which is why foot odor develops.

Always wearing the same shoes prevents you from proper hygiene because sweat and bacteria accumulate, in addition to external dirt such as mud and dust from the streets.

It is advisable to clean your shoes every three weeks and use deodorant sprays or powders.

Wear and deformation of shoes is faster when wearing the same shoes all the time.

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If you wear the same shoes every day, it is normal for them to wear out and lose their shape much faster. Wear and tear on shoes does not occur uniformly, usually the back and inside of the shoe is the most affected.

The deterioration of the shoes means that you do not support the foot correctly. Instead of stepping completely, you develop abnormal patterns, for example, tilting the foot with each step.

This change in gait patterns by always wearing the same always wearing the same shoes generates pain in the feet, in the lower back, knees, heels and insteps, and also facilitates the development of pathologies such as plantar fasciitis.

It makes you more prone to foot pain and injury.

Certain types of footwear, such as flip-flops and heels, have certain characteristics that can cause foot pain when worn for prolonged periods of time.

In the case of flip-flops, the sole is very flat and the support is not very good. Heels force the foot to remain for many hours in an abnormal position.

According to the Methodist Hospital in Houston, 75% of women wear heels every day to work and suffer from a foot problem such as a bunion.

Athletic shoes wear out very quickly due to intensive use and in doing so lose their cushioning capacity making the foot more prone to sprains and strains.

Always wear the same shoes is not recommended even if they are part of the work uniform. It is best to follow the indications of professionals and alternate with at least two pairs.


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