School backpacks: Here’s how they affect your children’s feet

12 de October de 2020

With the return to school many children get a new backpack, which is sometimes much bigger than their back. This amusing image does not alert us to the fact that the school backpacks could adversely affect children’s feet.

Excessive weight on a child’s back can cause problems in many ways, so it is important to make the right choice before school starts and to teach the child how to carry the weight.

In the following lines we explain you how to choose a children’s backpack suitable for your child’s age and we will give you some recommendations to make a good purchase.

How do school bags affect the feet?

The foot is the part of the body on which the entire weight of the body rests, so it is a complex structure designed to effectively distribute the load both at rest and in motion.

Excessive weight gain due to school school backpacks can lead to changes in gait patterns and stride, leading to problems such as tendonitis and fibrillar ruptures.

An increase in load also generates more pressure of the foot against the ground and this action stimulates the strengthening of the skin, manifested as hardness and calluses, especially on the heel.

The weight and correct way to carry school backpacks

The way a backpack is carried is as important as the weight it carries. It should be explained to a school-age child that his or her backpack should be a certain way so that it does not affect him or her negatively.

First of all, the school backpacks should be carried on both shoulders because when used on one side only, all the weight falls on one side of the body and this could cause spinal deviations.

The total weight to be carried on the back should not exceed 10% of the child’s weight and should be carried close to the body, so as not to generate extra effort to support it. If it is a large backpack, it is advisable to use the straps that attach to the waist.

In case it is unavoidable for the child to carry more than 10% of its weight, the backpack could be carried in the front or it could be replaced by a suitcase with wheels, which should also be pushed and not dragged.

school backpacks with wheels

General recommendations for choosing the right backpack for children

The recommendations of child health specialists are that before buying a backpack for children, you should backpack for children the following aspects should be taken into account:

  • It should have wide, padded and adjustable straps for both shoulders and waist.
  • It should not be much larger than the child’s back.
  • It must allow a maximum weight of 10% of the body weight.
  • It is advisable to have several spaces to properly distribute books and other supplies.

The school bags are indispensable for children, but we must ensure that they use them correctly and that they learn good personal care habits from an early age.


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