Overweight and its negative effect on the feet

1 de February de 2020

It is common to find in consultation patients with various foot ailments and who also have difficulties with overweight.

Overweight and its effects

Overweight is a disturbance or disorder that generates effects on our body as a whole, several of these are: circulation problems, high cholesterol, limited mobility, flexibility and resistance, in addition to generating a detrimental effect directly on the joints, especially in the lower limbs (ankle, knees, hips) and generally speaking, our feet.


overweight and its negative effects on the feet


It is necessary to take into account that our weight is directly related to our height; For this there are tabulated data on the body constitution, which can help us to know what is appropriate for each person (proportion of fat; the weight of muscle mass, water percentage, weight of bone structure, waist circumference, among others) and if you need more professional help you can consult your health specialist.

At the moment our body presents an increase in its dimensions and weight to take into accountThe effect, mainly on the feet, can be very harmful since the increased downward force exerted by our body must be distributed over the same small extension of the feet, which leads to ligament elongations, joint overloads, and a decrease in the good condition of the tendon tissues.



It is essential that the patient understands that a specific treatment will have the greatest chance of eliminating the problem if everything possible is done to reduce the loads on the feet.

In the San Roman Clinic we perform all kinds of podiatric services, consult with us your problem, we have more than 35 years dedicated to the care of the feet and we are specialists in minimally invasive surgery of bunions and claw toes.


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