Cold feet Why do your feet feel cold and what can you do about it?

24 de September de 2021

During the winter with the drop in temperatures there are people who have cold feet continuously and that may be associated with a health problem. Due to the different causes, it is advisable to visit a podiatrist or medical specialist for evaluation.

Cold feet due to inadequate footwear and socks

In winter, when temperatures are very low or we are going to be exposed to the cold for a prolonged period of time, appropriate footwear and socks should be worn.

Circulatory problems can cause your feet to feel cold.

man with continuously cold feet
continuous cold feet

One of the functions of blood in our body is to help maintain body temperature. When there is a circulation problem in the legs, the ability to maintain the temperature in the feet is reduced and can cause other symptoms in addition to cold feet such as numbness, tingling or lack of sensitivity.

An extreme problem of poor circulation manifests itself with dark pigmentation of the skin, usually purplish in tone.

Excessive sweating

Excessive sweating of the foot, or hyperhidrosis in winter, can cause the feet to feel cold. In cases of hyperhidrosis, the solution is to treat hyperhidrosis.

An unknown neurological disorder may cause cold feet.

The sensation of having cold feet feet always cold may be due to a neurological problem that has not yet been discovered. Nerve endings are responsible for sensitivity in our skin, in addition to other functions.

Depending on the degree of nerve involvement, the type of sensory involvement will vary. Cold feet may be the beginning of a neurological problem.

In order to make a correct diagnosis of the cause of cold feet, it is necessary to cold feet it is necessary to visit a podiatrist or specialist doctor to perform the necessary tests and examinations. At Clínica San Román we can help you with your problem.

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