Treatments for hammertoes. Prevents permanent deformities.

30 de January de 2020

What are hammertoes?

Deformity that occurs in a toe. Hammertoe or claw toe is a common pathology, especially in women, due to the excessive use of heels, platforms and tight shoes. This practice affects the muscles and deforms the joints of the fingers in a progressive and permanent manner, although it is also likely that the deformity is present as a consequence of a disorder at the genetic level of the individual.


hammertoe pain in the foot


Hammertoe is characterized by one of the toes bending downward in a claw or hammer-like manner, this abnormal bending force causes the tendons and muscles of the toe to shrink or press causing pain and lack of mobility or no mobility at all.

Podiatry as a technical, professional and specialized science, can diagnose and provide timely treatment to this and other alterations that damage the health of the feet. We can firmly say that if there is one part of human physiology to which greater vigilance should be paid, it is undoubtedly the feet. Not because these areas are more important than the rest of the anatomy, but because it is common to find patients who claim to neglect the health of their feet and take responsibility for the ailments they present, therefore, we urge you to know which are the best treatments for the feet. hammertoesThe most common but significant ailment, if we want to balance our level of integral health.

Common treatments

The best treatment is the prevention of finger deformities. Among the good practices used to correct the ailment, we should point out the avoidance of inappropriate or tight-fitting footwear, the practice of gentle stretching exercises in the affected area, physiotherapy and joint protection.




Undoubtedly, once the deformity is established, the only treatment to correct claw toe deformities or hammertoes is to correct the deformity.


is surgical correction by means of surgery. These procedures seek to correct and straighten the joints or relocate the position of the bones through different surgical procedures.

Usually, surgeries performed in patients with a severe condition are minimally incisional or percutaneous outpatient surgeries. A physical examination will be enough to rule out or diagnose this condition, in this way; a specialized doctor will be able to detect any anomaly; and indicate the correct measures to take in each case to reduce pain and deformity.

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