Treatment of bunions by percutaneous surgery

17 de February de 2023

Treatment of bunions


Yes it is possible without discomfort or pain, by means of percutaneous surgery; but to know what it consists of we must understand what bunions are.

Below, we explain what bunions are and how to treat them.

What are bunions?

hallux valgus in the female foot
hallux valgus in the female foot


The bunion or hallux valgus is a strong and progressive discomfort that causes a deviation from the first to the second toe, displacing the bones and structures towards the external margin of the foot. This problem manifests itself as an inflammatory type of pain that is accentuated by excessive walking or after considerable physical activity. In turn, the type of footwear plays an important role in the development of this malformation, since it can be one of the causes of its appearance and can also aggravate the problems derived from it.


The definitive solution to this problem is the

bunionette operation

This is performed through percutaneous surgery, or minimally invasive surgery, which is performed by removing the excess of deformed bone and realigning the toe. This eliminates any pain or discomfort as well as the malformation itself.

What are the advantages of this surgery?


Among its main advantages are, first of all, immediate recovery. Minimal incision or percutaneous foot surgery is performed with a remarkably small incision, sometimes as small as a few millimeters, which not only speeds up the recovery process with less pain but also, on an aesthetic level, its effects will be virtually unnoticeable.

Personally, we always recommend, before making any decision, to consult with specialized doctors about this procedure, since they will determine what is most convenient for each particular case.

On the other hand, prevention and early detection is crucial when deciding the most appropriate treatment according to the stage of the bunion. For this reason, when a malformation is detected, it is very important to see a specialist immediately, since the sooner the problem is diagnosed, the greater the diversity of therapeutic options that can be offered.

As specialized doctors, we recommend that the footwear used does not press too hard on the foot, as it has been shown that this is one of the most frequent causes of bunions, in addition to the hereditary or genetic factor.

Percutaneous surgery can be an effective solution for patients with bunions who wish to avoid traditional open surgeries but obtain symptom relief. This minimally invasive procedure offers numerous advantages over more traditional surgeries, such as shorter recovery times and less pain during the recovery period, as well as a lower risk of complications such as infection or nerve damage. However, it is important to discuss all possible risks associated with this type of procedure with your physician before proceeding, so that you can make an informed decision about your treatment plan.


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