New advances in minimally invasive surgery for bunions

5 de February de 2024

Clínica San Román is pleased to present an important advancement in the treatment of hallux valgus, based on a recent prospective cohort study comparing the efficacy and safety of the minimally invasive Chevron and Akin (MICA) technique to the traditional open Chevron osteotomy. This study, with a 1-year follow-up and a level of evidence of 2, included 68 patients and showed that both techniques offer significant improvements without significant differences in clinical and radiological outcomes, complication rates or operative times.

Info: balesar-et-al-2024-mica-procedure-vs-open-chevron-osteotomy-for-hallux-valgus-correction-a-prospective-cohort-study

This finding proves that the MICA technique is as effective and safe as open osteotomy and offers patients a less invasive treatment option with a faster and less painful recovery. At Clínica San Román, we are committed to innovation and excellence in podiatric care, and this research reinforces our mission to provide our patients with the most advanced and safest treatment options. With the MICA technique, we reaffirm our leadership in podiatric and surgical treatment of the foot, guaranteeing our patients the best possible results with minimal impact on their quality of life.

This approach, in line with our philosophy of personalized care, emphasizes the importance of selecting the most appropriate treatment for each patient, based on the latest scientific evidence and our clinical experience. Clínica San Román remains at the forefront of podiatric treatments, offering innovative solutions that improve the health and well-being of our patients.


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