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“And it is true: you really leave the clinic walking! “

I am very glad I dared to ‘take the risk’ to travel to Spain/Alicante (from Holland) for an operation on a big bunion that was bothering me very much.

To go short: it’s well worth doing. The operation is seven weeks ago now and it all went very smoothly.

And it is true: you really leave the clinic walking!

All credits to Dr. San Román and son and their staff.

The recovery time (40 days with a bandage around the foot) was as good as totally pain-free and I was able to function as usual, except for the fact that it is not possible to drive a car or

cycle during those 40 days. That is something to keep in mind when you’d plan a surgery.

Language is not an issue as there is fluently English speaking kind Yvonne who answers any questions you might have in absolutely no time.

Last but not least a word about the very friendly atmosphere in the clinic.

I wish you good luck when considering an operation in the San Román clinic, there’s no need to hesitate.

Marja v. R., The Netherlands

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Marja v. R., The Netherlands julio 28, 2017

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