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For the last 20 years I have had pain from my bunion. The last few years were very painful and I tried to find somebody to help me. I consulted 2 orthopaedic surgeons. The procedure was very invasive and with a lot a pain after treatment, so I decided not to go forward with this kind of procedure.

A friend suggested the San Roman Clinic in Alicante. My daughter emailed the clinic and we got an answer on the same day. We arranged everything by email and so my daughter and I flew to Alicante for my treatment for the 29th of June 2012.

Under local anaesthetic the doctor removed my bunion and my hammer toe in less than 45 minutes. The treatment was not painful at all, the doctor and nurse were very kind and very professional. They put a special walking shoe on my treated foot and I walked out of the Clinic. On the same day I felt a little pain around dinner time and the next day in the morning, because I stretched my foot when I woke up, I forgot I had surgery…

During the week I was in Alicante, my daughter and I had a lovely time in neighbouring Gran Alacant. We rented a bungalow with a small garden. I was just lovely and very nice for my recovery. I had to practice my walking every day, and so I did.

One week after the surgery they removed the sutures and changed my bandage. They gave me a special toe rubber to put between my big and little toe to wear for some weeks when the bandage got off, so that my big toe got straight again.

After 40 days I had to send an x-ray to be sure the surgery and my healing went well. Again within one day I got an answer back that everything was okay and that I could remove my bandage. What a relief! My foot had no bunion anymore and my toe was straight! The first week my foot got a little swollen and became a little painful, especially on the place where my bunion used to be.

Now, after 10 months, I still feel some discomfort where my bunion used to be. But is gets better every day. I am so happy I got the surgery, I can wear my normal shoes again!

I can recommend this to everyone without any hesitation!

Kind regards,

Anita Kranendonk

Ridderkerk, The Netherlands

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Anita Kranendonk The Netherlands julio 28, 2017

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