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After six weeks, I use regular shoes

I had problems with both feet for twenty years. And postponed the surgical intervention because it required quite a long time for rehabilitation that I couldn’t afford.I found out about Clinic San Roman by chance from my friends and now don’t regret that decided to make surgery here.

The surgery was done on both feet at the same day and immediately I was able to step independently. Just in one week after the surgery I passed medical examination, received comprehensive advice and returned home.

Now after six weeks of the rehabilitation period I completely removed all bandages and use regular shoes. I’m very grateful to Dr. San Roman Jr. and all the clinic’s staff for attention, care, sincerity and professionalism, of course.

Clinic manages to combine an extremely high level of medical services to patients and to ensure maximum comfort. The qualification of the personnel give patients the confidence that everything will be predictable and controlled well.

Confidently recommend the Clinic San Roman to all who have any problems with feet.

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julio 28, 2017